The “Deep Water LNG Terminal” Project Won The First Place As Project Of The Year

The “Deep Water LNG Terminal” project won the first place as Project of the Year from the Association for Project Management in Israel (PMI)  at its  17th Annual Conference.

Management of project success was measured according to criteria such as the international world of management importance of the project, its complexity, meeting deadlines, budget vs. actual, project management methods, risk management, successes, failures, and more. PMI Association gave the award to Jay Epstein – INGL’s commercial director, who served as project manager, and led to compliance management through all project objectives and selecting marine buoy first place in this year’s project organization.

INGL CEO, Shmuel Turgeman said: “I congratulate Jay Epstein, director of the project, Ishay Nazhan, project engineer and the entire INGL employees. The “marine liquefied natural gas receiving buoy”  is a complex and unique project existing in three places in the world only and completed within 20 months from time of receipt of the decision by the Minister of Energy and Water”.