The Deep Water LNG Terminal

In January 2013, INGL launched the Hadera Deepwater LNG Terminal to receive natural gas from LNG tankers.

The decision to build the terminal was made by the Minister of Energy and Water Resources in the middle of 2011, in order to find a way to bridge a temporary undersupply of natural gas created by the gap between the depletion of existing reservoirs, coupled with damage to the supply of gas from Egypt, and the arrival of gas from the “Tamar” reservoir.

המצוף הימי שעות ספורות לפני התקנתו כעשרה ק"מ מול חופי חדרה

Israel Natural Gas Lines STL Buoy

ספינות ההקמה בשלב ההתקנה

The STL Buoy before instalation

The terminal provides the national transmission system with the ability to import LNG to Israel and thus creates another gateway, that augments Israel’s energy security. Using the terminal, the national transmission system can receive some 2.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, representing half of today’s gas needs.

אילוסטרציה: חיבור המצוף לאניה מגזזת

Illustration: The buoy located at the bottom of a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU)

This exceptional project joins other special projects that the company is currently considering to further develop the natural gas sector, to improve reliability and to eliminate any redundancies in the gas system. Within this context, the company is also exploring the possibility of natural gas exports, and establishing a strategic storage gas reservoir.