Minister Silvan Shalom Marks Start of Work on the Eastern Line

INGL begins laying the largest natural gas pipeline in the nation’s history.

A ceremony conducted today (22.9.14) attended by Minister Silvan Shalom marked the start of construction of the eastern line of the natural gas transmission. The line is expected to receive gas that arrives from the Leviathan reservoir and significantly increase the reliability of the national system, as well as the ability to flow natural gas to consumers, as part of the increased demand for natural gas over the ensuing decades. The scope of work is estimated at NIS 800 million.

The eastern line, which is 90km long and 90cm wide, can deliver 1.6 million cubic meters of gas per hour. The pipe will be laid in the area of the Nesher factory in Ramla to the Hagit station in Elyakim. The project is expected to end in mid-2016, in order to complete it prior to the connection of the Leviathan reservoir to the transmission system.

Once work is completed, the line will serve as a main two-way artery for the transmission of natural gas throughout the country, joining the offshore line that currently constitutes the only connection between the north and the center and south of the country. Furthermore, this will allow for connections to new customers along the line. This is one of the largest national energy and infrastructure projects in the country, with the scope of work estimated at NIS 800 million.

This year, the INGL is expected to invest approximately an additional NIS 700 million in the transmission lines and connection of six additional facilities to the distribution companies that will join four factories in the south and center. This is a record investment of the company over the past decade.

Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water, Mr Silvan Shalom: “This is major news that will affect the lives of residents and will facilitate energy efficiency and reduced expenses. I am announcing here that electricity and water prices will soon drop. The connection of the eastern gas line will directly impact the reduction of prices on a range of other products. We will all pay less and have more available income.”

Director General of the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water, Orna Hosman – Bechor: “The moves we are currently spearheading, the completion of the eastern line in mid-2016 and the connection of Leviathan to Israel in 2018, will ensure many years of energy independence for Israel, and will allow us to successfully cope with future challenges. A reduction in production costs for factories will become the reality in the field, and will manifest in the lowering of the cost of living for all Israelis, in accordance with the policies formulated by the minister to lower the cost of living.”

CEO of INGL Shmuel Tordjman: “INGL began construction of the largest gas line in Israel, basing itself on a long-term perspective for Israel’s energy market. Just this past Wednesday, the record for natural gas flow in the national transmission system and quantities of gas consumed broke a record and this will only continue in the future.  Hence the importance of expanding the system and increasing the balances through establishing new lines and doubling existing lines is greater than ever.”