Minister Silvan Shalom Conducted a Tour to Hadera LNG Buoy

Minister of Energy and Water: “Ahead of increased consumption of electricity due to upcoming winter, I wished to “ensure the ability of  Hadera Deepwater LNG Terminal”. 

On 30.10.14, the Ministry of Energy and Water, in conjunction with INGL and the Electric Company, conducted a tour of the offshore buoy that connects to the FSRU, which transforms the liquid gas on the siphon from liquid to gas. From there, the gas is transferred to the national transmission system operated by INGL.

Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water, Silvan Shalom, said “Ahead of the increased electricity consumption due to the winter season, I wanted to confirm the offshore terminal’s ability to import natural gas. The facility, which increases Israel’s energy security, will continue to serve as necessary backup of the Tamar reservoir, at a period in which we are working to advance the introduction of new reservoirs to operation”.