Jerusalem Natural Gas transmission has begun; Ein Kerem Hospital-Hadassah Medical Center the first to be connected

On January 11 2021, the natural gas pipeline transmission to Jerusalem has started its operations when the first client to be connected was Ein Kerem Hospital – Hadassah Medical Center. This way, Jerusalem officially joined Israel’s Natural Gas’ revolution.

The construction of the Jerusalem pipeline was achieved in two sections: the first (Jerusalem West) is 17 kms long from BVS Yesodot to BVS Mesilat Zion and the second section, of exactly the same length, from BVS Mesilat Zion to PRMS Beit Zayit. Two PRMS facilities were constructed; one inside BVS Mesilat Zion and the second in Beit Zayit. These facilities serve Rotem Natural Gas Ltd, the distribution company responsible for connecting clients in the Jerusalem region. The total length of the pipeline is 34 kms and the cost of its construction was 290 million NIS.

Among other additional natural gas’ clients are: Israel Meusum, bakeries, universities, Bank of Israel, Israel Parliament (Knesset) and the National Quarter (Kiryat Ha’Leom), Tadmir Group, Avik Pharmaceuticals, quarries, wet cement factory, asphalt factories, Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd. and Israel Police Training Center.