INGL Completed Enrollment Bonds In The Amount Of 400 Million NIS, Interest Rate Of 3.78%

Recruitment demand were 1.4 NIS billion.

Natural Gas Pipeline Company of Israel (INGL) completed recruitment of 400 million NIS bond effective interest rate of 3.78% (CPI), to fund the development of INGL program, which will be expanded to the national transmission system and other sections will be established between the eastern line The line to Jerusalem and completion of maritime buoy liquefied natural gas receiving. Issue were excess demand of totaling 1.4 billion NIS from Israel’s leading financial institutions.

The amount of funding completes a total of 900 million NIS approved in Series C last year. This is a series with average duration (years) long (over 10 years). Funding was carried out after last Tuesday announced the two companies rank on leaving the high credit rating of INGL (Midroog Aa1, AA degrees).