INGL Finished The Construction Of Eshel HaNasi PRMS For The Distribution Network

INGL, which builds and operates the national transmission system high pressure natural gas, finished the construction of the Pressure Reducing and Metering Station (PRMS) “Eshel HaNasi”.

That is the first time in Israel that a distribution company – NEGEV NATURAL GAS, will inject the gas at low pressure to industrial zones. The first factory in completing the conversion process and will receive natural gas distribution network is a Shaniv Paper Industries Ltd located at Ofakim.

Industrial Area Connection Shaniv plant is expected to save tens of percent in energy costs in factories industrial zone horizons, and later throughout the Negev. This savings can be a source of attraction for the establishment of more factories in the Negev industrial area. Local area connection division is expected to strengthen the southern Negev region and will allow industry to continue to evolve, while significantly reducing the production costs of these plants.