Landscape Restoration and Development

Israel Natural Gas Lines acts to restore and develop landscapes according to the original characteristics of each area, and its efforts are beneficial and even improve the environmental conditions.

Our company operates a comprehensive development plan, which is based on internal quantitative measures for gauging landscape development. As part of this plan, we are obligated to develop and maintain the landscape in a wide perimeter around a site for a period of three years from project completion. This includes planting and maintaining the vegetation.

The following principles and procedures guide our landscape restoration and development:

  • Restoration plans are prepared on an orthophoto map on a scale of 1:2500.
  • Procedures are outlined for transferring the areas to the Public Works Authority, Trans-Israel Highway (Route 6) Authority, Israel Electric Corporation, etc.
  • Guidelines are issued for planting new trees and the relevant maintenance procedures.
  • The number of trees and shrubs to be planted in each landscape unit is determined.
  • Specific guidelines are issued regarding the preservation of geophytes (gathering, preserving, replanting and maintenance).
  • Guidelines are determined for gathering, distributing, storing and planting of seeds.
  • Riverbanks are supported using leafy vegetation rather than concrete.
  • Harmful plants are removed.
  • Vegetation is supported over the next three years after restoration.
  • Goals and objectives are set and measures of successful restoration are defined.


In all of these ways, Israel Natural Gas Lines promotes and increases the use of natural gas in Israel, and contributes to sustainable development and the improvement of ecological conditions throughout Israel.