Currently the main customers of Israel Natural Gas Lines are engaged in electricity production (power stations, many of them belonging to Israel Electric Corporation) or in heavy industry (chemical and petrochemical plants, metal or paper factories).

The extensive reach of the company is already well known. Thus, more than 40% of the electricity supplied by Israel Electric Corporation is produced using natural gas. The growth in the number of customers from the heavy industry sector is an indication that there is an increasing awareness in the Israeli market of the economic and environmental advantages afforded through the use of this natural resource.

Any new customer who wishes to receive natural gas through Israel Natural Gas Lines transmission network must meet the following preconditions:

  1. Have a consumption capacity greater than 2,000 cubic meters per hour, which is equivalent to an hourly consumption of 1.7 tons LPG or 1.95 tons of fuel oil and a yearly consumption rate of 12,000,000 cubic meters, which is equivalent to 10,000 tons LPG or 11,700 tons of fuel oil.
  2. Obtain statutory planning approvals — National Outline Plan, National Infrastructure Plan, regional plan for a power station (up to 250 MW).
  3. Other specified features and requirements pertaining to capacity, temperatures, pressures and the need for a PRMS facility.

Israel Natural Gas Lines is currently carrying out several projects to add new customers to the distribution system. The following companies are among these new customers: ICL’s Rotem Fertilizers and Bromine manufacturing plant; independent power plants and private industrial companies. At a later stage, the company’s transmission network will deliver natural gas to local licensed distributors throughout Israel.