Connection of Sugat Plant to National Transmission System Completed

At a ceremony that took place today (4.3.2014) at the Sugat plant, attended by Minister of National Infrastructures Energy and Water Silvan Shalom, the pressure reducing and metering system (PRMS) facility constructed by INGL as part of the connection of the plant to natural gas has been completed. In order to connect the facility to the national transmission system, INGL laid a natural gas pipeline of 3.2km from the facility to the southern segment of the national system, which passes near the city.

At this stage, the natural gas that will flow to the factory will replace the fuel oil as the primary fuel for operating the plant’s energy center. At a later stage, the facility is expected to expand to deliver natural gas to the planned power station at the site and for the purpose of the connection of the grid to natural gas transmission that will deployed in the area.

The Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water, Silvan Shalom stated that: “The project incorporates the activity of two ministries I head and creates jobs. The Sugat plant joins a list of factories that have connected to natural gas, in fact the 14th factory to connect to the natural gas transmission system.”