Mission and Vision

Israel Natural Gas Lines considers the promotion of natural gas use vital to the improvement of the economy and the environment, and promises to act to realize the full potential of this resource, through the constant development of the national transmission network.

Israel Natural Gas Lines will play a major role in increasing the use of natural gas in Israel.

Israel Natural Gas Lines is committed to distribute natural gas to all customers, from large industrial factories to small regional suppliers, in the most professional, reliable and safe manner possible.

Israel Natural Gas Lines will work to meet future demands, receive natural gas from and deliver it to a variety of locations.

Israel Natural Gas Lines will apply the most advanced means and technologies towards the distribution of natural gas throughout Israel.

Israel Natural Gas Lines relies on human and technological resources as its mainstay for the continued development and expansion of natural gas transmission in Israel.

Israel Natural Gas Lines will act to preserve and increase the available professional knowledge on the subject of natural gas distribution, storage and use, in recognition of its value as a national and strategic resource.

Israel Natural Gas Lines is an environmentally responsible company and as such, will at all times work to preserve and improve environmental conditions.

Israel Natural Gas Lines, in the spirit of its stated mission, will continue to lead the natural gas transmission enterprise, for the benefit of its customers and to secure Israel’s place at the forefront of energy and infrastructure development.