Samuel Tordjman


Mr. Tordjman is a Technion graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering. Previous employment includes managing the national water lines for ten years at Mekorot (Water Planning for Israel Ltd.), followed by five years as manager of the civil engineering  department at Mekorot. In 2005, Mr. Tordjman joined Israel Natural Gas Lines, first as deputy manager of the engineering department, then in 2008 becoming the deputy CEO. In April, 2010, he was appointed CEO.

contact no: +972-3-6270408

Attorney Gilad Shai

Deputy CEO, Legal Advisor and Executive Secretary

Mr. Shai was awarded an LLB degree and a B.A. in Business Administration (with honors in both). He has worked as an attorney for S. Horowitz and Co., and in the Government Companies Authority in the Ministry of Finance. Since November, 2008, Mr. Shay has held the positions of Legal Advisor and Executive Secretary at Israel Natural Gas Lines.

contact no: +972-3-6270450

Shlomo Kresner

Deputy Manager of Engineering

Mr. Kresner holds a B.Sc in Civil Engineering from the Technion. He has nineteen years of experience in planning and project managment. He joined INGL in 2011.

contact no: +972-3-6270410

Shlomi Zeira

Deputy of Operations

Mr. Ze’ira holds a B.Sc. in Hydrology and Soil Science from the Technion, Israel, and a Masters in Civil Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Israel. He has fifteen years of experience planning, operating and managing infrastructure projects (managing water, waste-water, gas, etc.). He came to Israel Natural Gas Lines as a project manager in the Engineering Department, and since October 2011, he has been acting as the Deputy of Operations.

contact no: +972-3-6270453

Haim Moskovitz

Deputy Manager of Construction

Mr. Moskowitz holds a B.Sc in Hydrology from the Technion, Israel and an MBA (with expertise in Finance and HR) from the College of Kiryat Ono, Israel. He has accumulated nine years of experience in executing and supervising infrastructure projects. He joined Israel Natural Gas Lines in 2005 as project manager and in september of 2010, he was appointed Deputy Manager of Construction.

contact no: +972-3-6270453

Daniel Szobel, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

BA in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv University. 20 years’ work experience in financial and comptroller positions for private companies, and as a consultant in the areas of finance, capital acquisition and public offerings. Serving as CFO since January 2014

contact no: +972-3-6270447

Jay Epstein

Manager of Commerce and Business Development

Mr. Epstein graduated with honors in Economics from Rutgers University, and went on to earn an M.A. from Tel Aviv University. He joined Israel Natural Gas Lines as Commercial Director when the company was founded in 2004, prior to which he held several positions related to natural gas and energy with the Ministries of Finance and Energy.  Mr. Epstein has served INGL as manager of Commerce and Business Development since 2010 and was the project manager for the recently completed Hadera Gas Import Terminal (buoy).

contact no: +972-3-6270408